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Certified Translation & Official Translation Services in Canada

Eurologos Toronto offers world-class certified translation and official translation services online to clients across Canada. Certified translations are necessary for official documents that are used for government or legal purposes, as well as a range of other situations. Eurologos Toronto expertly translates a wide array of documents that cater to sectors including legal, immigration, education, and many more.

Types of Documents for Certified Translation

Navigating global bureaucracy requires dependable translation services. At Eurologos Toronto, our experts ensure your documents hold the same legal validity across borders and our services are guaranteed to be accepted globally. We offer certified and official translations for a range of vital documents, including:

Starting at $20.00 per page

Starting at $20.00 per page

Certified Translation Languages

Eurologos Toronto delivers reliable, affordable, certified translations in over 120 languages. Our native-speaking translators are fluent in commonly requested languages such as English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and many more, as well as less common languages and dialects from around the world.

Notarized Translations

Need your translated documents notarized? Eurologos Toronto guarantees precise translations easily authenticated by a notary public. We ensure your documents uphold the highest standards of authenticity and integrity, facilitating a smooth and trustworthy transition in international and governmental arenas. Trust us to be your partner in notarized translations.

How To Order Your Certified Translations

The process of receiving a certified translation from Eurologos Toronto could not be more simple. Just send us the document by email or WhatsApp, receive a prompt quote with a delivery time, and choose your preferred delivery method. It’s just that easy. Learn more about our delivery methods and our translation process below.




Why Choose Eurologos Toronto for Sworn Translations?

At Eurologos Toronto, we transcend language barriers with unparalleled precision in our trusted, global translation services. 


We have been proudly delivering exceptional quality certified translations in Toronto and across Canada for over 20 years.


Backed by ISO 17100 standards, our native language translators ensure every sentence is grammatically and culturally accurate.


Our streamlined process is designed for your convenience, providing top-tier language translation that fits your schedule.


Eurologos Toronto uses fortified systems and binding non-disclosure agreements to ensure the confidentiality of your documents.


We believe that everyone should have access to the translation services they need. Our competitive pricing is a reflection of this.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide free-of-charge changes and modifications to all of our certified documents and guarantee their acceptance globally. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Translations

A certified translator is an individual who has received official recognition from a government body or another reputable institution for possessing the requisite expertise and credentials to render written documents from one language to another.

Yes! All certified document translations that we complete come with a hand-written signature and the stamp of a certified translator. If you don’t need a stamp of certification for your documents, consider our professional translation services instead.

At Eurologos Toronto, we prioritize fast delivery times. Depending on the length of your document, we have several delivery options available including same-day delivery, 24-hour delivery and 48-hour delivery. Send us your documents today for a fast and accurate delivery estimate on your project.

Yes, Eurologos Toronto can provide an affidavit for any of your required documents. Simply let our team know the situation before placing your order and we will ensure your notarized translation needs are taken care of.

Yes, we work with a global team of translators who can accommodate your certified translation documents and provide sworn translations for any country including France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Asia, Middle Eastern Countries and more.

Our certified translation services start at just $20.00 per page. However, each document is different and has a unique set of requirements so we recommend getting a quote for the most accurate pricing of your project.

Contact Us For Certified Translation Services

Eurologos Toronto is your trusted partner for certified translation services across Canada. We blend accuracy with efficiency, facilitating seamless cross-border communications. Choose us for hassle-free, reliable, globally recognized language translations tailored to your needs and schedule. No matter how big or small your request, we can accommodate you.

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