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With over 25 years of experience, Eurologos Toronto is a leading Canadian translation agency. We have a network of native-speaking translators fluent in over 120 languages who deliver high-quality translations for individuals and businesses.

Our Translation Services

Eurologos Toronto offers a wide range of language translation services to our clients across Canada. Our translation agency specializes in Certified Translation services, for official or legal documents such as immigration and passport documents or marriage and birth certificates, and Professional Translation services, for non-legal personal and business documents like technical manuals, financial statements and employment contracts. Learn more about our translation services below.

Locations We Serve

Eurologos Toronto serves clients across diverse regions of Canada. Regardless of your location, our commitment to quality, accuracy, and timeliness remains the same.


Consistent and professional translations serving the bustling Toronto area.


Dedicated translation expertise tailored to Calgary’s diverse business landscape.


Serving Edmonton with precision-focused translations that resonate locally and globally.


Efficient translation services for Vancouver’s diverse, metropolitan community.


Reliable translation services, confidently meeting Montreal’s multilingual needs

Don’t see your city listed above? No problem. Eurologos Toronto serves individuals and businesses across Canada, North America and around the globe. Simply reach out to our team of experienced translators today using the information below and we will be sure to get your documents translated quickly and effectively.

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Eurologos Toronto provides reliable and accurate translations across Canada in over 120 languages, backed by 25 years of industry experience. With a commitment to quality, timely delivery, and confidentiality, contact Eurologo Toronto today for your translation needs.

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